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Intel Arc A750 1
Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition review: A beacon of hope for budget PC gamers

The Intel Arc A750 is under $300 and for the most part delivers on Intel's performance promises. See why in our full review.


Intel's assault on the GPU markets has two arms, and both are going for almost the same result. The Arc A770 is the range-topper and, for many, the most alluring. But it has a sibling that looks the same, performs almost the same, and costs a little less. And we're not talking like an RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti; the relationship is much closer than that. We're talking about the Intel Arc A750.

Intel Arc A770 1

There has been a duopoly in consumer graphics cards for far too long. AMD and Nvidia have had the market all to themselves. Things are getting more powerful, but also more expensive. Enter player three, Intel, with its first lineup of dedicated GPUs in two decades. The flagship release is this, the Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition.