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A render of an Intel Meteor Lake CPU. 1
Intel reveals details on Meteor Lake, how future CPUs will be made, and its process strategy for the future

Intel may be on the verge of a comeback, though it will take a little more time to see to fruition.


At this year's Intel Innovation event, Intel released some key (though not completely unexpected) details about its next-generation Meteor Lake chips, which are coming to next-generation laptops in 2024. While Intel isn't bringing these to the desktop, this is one of the most exciting generations of Intel hardware in recent years. In fact, Meteor Lake is the pipe cleaner that will make the way for Intel's CPUs across several segments, from laptops to desktop to the datacenter to AI.

Intel and Qualcomm logos on white background 1
Qualcomm has a new partner to build its chips: Intel [Update: Maybe not]

Intel laid out its roadmap through 2025 today, and it also announced an unlikely partner. It will be building chips for Qualcomm.


Next year, Qualcomm is set to introduce a new custom ARM architecture that's going to compete with Intel's processors. But a couple of years later than that, Intel might be building Qualcomm's chips. Today, Intel laid out its roadmap through 2025, renaming its process nodes and showing what each generation will look like. One of those, called Intel 20A, is something that Qualcomm is going to make use of.