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Key Takeaways

  • Apple is reportedly working on a low-cost MacBook to compete with Chromebooks in the education sector, potentially signaling a shift in their strategy.
  • The rumored budget-friendly MacBook may use a different, cheaper metallic substance for its exterior and compromise on the quality of mechanical components.
  • While Apple currently promotes iPads as laptop alternatives for students, the company is also reportedly developing a laptop-like Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro devices.

Apple has built a reputation over the years as a company that delivers quality products at premium prices. But, in what could be seen as a shift to its current strategy, the Cupertino tech firm is reportedly working on a low-cost MacBook device to compete with Chromebooks and make a mark in the education sector.

The report of Apple working on a low-cost MacBook is coming from Taiwanese news publisher DigiTimes (via @Tech_Reve), which claims that the Cupertino tech firm is planning to launch the purported cheap MacBook in Q2 of 2024. Without giving any details about the specifications and pricing of the alleged budget-friendly MacBook device, the report went on to explain how the company has managed to reduce the cost to make it affordable for students.

While Apple is said to use a metal case for the exterior of the rumored entry-level MacBook device, the materials will be “different”. The metallic substance used in the current MacBook devices is aluminum alloy, but to cut costs, the company might opt for another type of metallic substance that’s cheaper. In another cost-cutting measure, Apple might also compromise on the quality of the mechanical components to be used in the rumored education-centric MacBook device.

Apple’s current product lineup doesn’t have anything purpose-built for students, though the company has long been trying to position its iPad devices as something that can replace laptops. It hasn’t given up on that leitmotif just yet, as the company is reportedly working on a laptop-like Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro devices. Apple currently offers special discounts to students to make its MacBooks and other devices easier to purchase.

This is the very first time we’ve heard that a budget MacBook is in the works, but since we haven’t heard anything about it from any other credible sources, we should take it with a pinch of salt and wait for something more substantial to believe the rumor.

Microsoft has been trying for a very long time to compete with the Chromebook devices in the education section but hasn’t seen the success it would have liked. After Microsoft, it’s Apple who’s said to be looking to get a share of the pie. Only time will tell if a low-cost MacBook, if at all launches, manages to beat the best Chromebook devices or even be on par with them.