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Apple Mac Mini (2023)

The Mac Mini (2023) packs Apple's powerful M2 chip in a tiny form factor. It blends power with affordability, thanks to its low price tag. Right now, you can score this model for $100 less.

Apple makes some wonderful computing products but they're not the most affordable by any means. Luckily, if you're looking for an Apple PC that's a little bit easier on the wallet, the Mac Mini is going to be the perfect choice. The Mac Mini is Apple's most affordable desktop computer that features the brand's powerful M2 processor, and comes in a small form factor that's perfect for any space.

What makes this computer so great is that you can hook up your existing PC accessories to it like keyboard, monitor, mouse, or go out and buy new ones that suit your needs. While it typically costs $500, right now, we've found a deal that knocks $100 off for a limited time. So if you've been looking to buy a new Mac, this deal's for you.

What's great about the Mac Mini?

Despite its diminutive size, the Mac Mini packs a lot of power. As mentioned before, this computer runs on Apple's latest M2 chip that integrates the CPU, GPU, and other components which allows it function at such a high level. Not only is powerful, but it also is extremely efficient, and doesn't require a lot of RAM to work great.

This model comes with 8GB RAM and also 256GB of internal storage space. For the most part, you can't go wrong with the Mac Mini, as it can pretty much handle anything that you can throw at it. But if you're a gamer, you might want to go for a dedicated gaming PC instead. With that said, the Mac Mini is a stellar computer, offering lots of power in a small and compact form factor. Just be sure to grab it before the promotion ends.