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Apple is in the midst of showing off its latest and the greatest software at the WWDC 2022 keynote. In addition to other major announcements, the company managed to sneak in a couple of slides dedicated to Apple Maps. The new and improved version of Apple Maps will be available in 11 new countries, including France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium, and more. Apple has also promised to add as many as six new cities to its detailed "City Experiences".

As for the new features, Apple Maps will be receiving a number of feature updates including the ability to add multiple stops to a route. It's called "Multi-stop routing" and Apple says this new feature will let users plan up to 15 stops in advance. Users will be able to add these stops manually during the ride or use voice commands if they're behind the wheel. The voice commands features will use Siri, of course. What's more interesting about this feature is that you'll be able to plan multi-stop routes on a Mac and then send them to your iPhone when you’re ready to get started. The new version of the app will also get several new features like cycling, Look Around, and more.

It's also worth mentioning that Apple is making it very easy for riders to see fares, directly on Maps. Notably, you can also add transit cards to your Apple Wallet. On the development side, Apple says it's making improvements to MapKit starting with the city experience. The city experiences, in case you're wondering, allow you to get a detailed look at the available cities. You'll be able to see landmarks, roads, and other points of interest. The company also noted that it'll make it easier to integrate high-resolution imagery from maps into Zillow and other third-party apps.

Lastly, Apple plans to give developers access to faster and more flexible ways to build these amazing map experiences with its server-side APIs later this year.