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The latest Macs are undoubtedly some of the best laptops around, offering unmatched power in sleek builds. However, if you want to make the most out of your Apple computer, you must keep it up to date. This ensures that you get both the latest features and critical security patches that keep your data safe. To update your compatible Mac to macOS Sonoma, follow the steps below.

Macs that support macOS Sonoma

To update to macOS Sonoma, you need one of the following Macs:

How to update your Mac to the latest macOS Sonoma

Before you update your OS, make sure you’ve backed up important files to iCloud Drive (or your favorite cloud storage), just in case the update fails and bricks your computer. Once that's done, make sure your Mac is plugged in and hop into the update process.

  1. Launch the System Settings app on your Mac.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Click on Software Update.
    software update section in macOS general settings
  4. Wait for your Mac to refresh and check with the Apple servers.
    checking for updates banner in macOS settings
  5. When the update shows up, click Update and Agree to the Terms of Service after reading them thoroughly.
  6. Give it time to download and prepare the update.
  7. Once the update finishes preparing, hit Install.
  8. The update could take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour or so to install. No matter how long it takes, be patient and don't click any buttons.
    your Mac is up to date banner in macOS settings

After it concludes, your Mac will reboot, and you’re ready to explore all the changes and features of the latest macOS version. To verify the update has been successfully installed, go back to the Software Update section in System Settings. It should mention that your Mac is indeed up to date.