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Google Pixel 7a

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Sea Pixel 7a on transparent background
Google Pixel 7a

Tensor G2
6.1-inch FHD+ gOLED @90Hz
Rear cameras
64MP primary, 13MP ultra-wide
Front camera
18W wired, 7.5W wireless
USB Type-C
5G(mmWave & sub 6), Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3
6 x 2.87 x 0.35 inches (152.4 x 72.9 x 9mm)
6.8 ounces (193g)
IP Rating
Charcoal, Coral, Snow, Sea
Operating System
Android 13
$499 (sub 6)/$549 (mmWave)
In-display fingerprint sensor, Face Unlock


Android 14 upside down cake 1
How to download Android 14 for Google Pixel and other Android devices

Android 14 is available via the beta channel, and you can install it on your Google Pixel right now.

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Android 14 is almost ready for prime time! For lucky owners of the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, or any Pixel phone as old as the Pixel 4a 5G, you'll be among the first users to see what Android 14 has to offer, as these devices can participate in Google's beta initiative.

Pixel 7 (left) and Pixel 7a (right) side by side 1
Google Pixel 7a vs Pixel 7: What's the difference?

Google's new Pixel 7a looks and feels almost just like a Pixel 7. So where are the differences and do they matter?

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Google's A series of mid-range smartphones have always had similarities to their preceding Pixel phones, particularly the base model. But this year, the line between the just-announced Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 is blurrier than ever. In fact, the average consumer may not be able to tell the two phones apart unless they put them side-by-side. But there's a $100 difference between them, so which phone should you get? What does that extra Benjamin get you? Let's find out!

Google Pixel 7a in white 1
Google Pixel 7a camera, battery, and other parts are now available from iFixit

iFixit has begun carrying genuine parts for the Pixel 7a, giving DIYers a convenient place to nab these components.


The Pixel 7a has only been out for a few months, and it's already become one of the best smartphones of this year. But being the best doesn't make it invulnerable to drops and other damage, and luckily, if your Pixel 7a needs some repairs, you'll be happy to know that iFixit has started carrying parts for the phone on its part shop.

install Android 13 featured image 1
How to install Android 13 on Google Pixel and other Android devices

For those who need it, here's some help


The latest stable version of Android, Android 13, has officially seen its public release back in August 2022. As expected, if you’ve got an eligible Pixel smartphone, you can get in on the fun right now by downloading the Android 13 release for your device. Google also provides Generic System Images (GSI), which means the latest version of Android can be booted on non-Google Project Treble-compatible devices as well.

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Best cheap Android phones in 2023

A great experience doesn't have to cost a lot and these picks for best budget Android phones in 2023 will help you get the best value!

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Budget phones have improved a lot over the past few years thanks to various advancements in the technology that goes into them and also to the growing competition in the smartphone industry. We've reached a point where you can spend less than half of what the best Android smartphones cost and still get a good solid phone capable of delivering years of faithful service. Of course, "cheap" is a subjective term, but you will find some compelling options in this list that won't make you empty your wallet.

Android-14-4 1

The stable version Android 14 is almost here, but we'll have to wait a few more weeks until it's available to the public. To prepare for this significant transition, Google today released the final pre-release build in the form of Beta 5 to let enthusiasts as well as regular users offer last-minute feedback. As expected, the fifth beta build features finalized SDK and NDK APIs and app-facing system behaviors, so it's time for developers to get their apps ready for the new OS.

An illustration for the best chargers and accessories for the Pixel 7a with its text, the Pixel 7a in three colors next to a USB-C charger. 1
Best Google Pixel 7a chargers and accessories in 2023

Get these accessories to improve your overall experience of using the Pixel 7a.


The Pixel 7a is Google's latest addition to the Pixel 7 series. While there are going to be plenty of valid comparisons between the two phones, the Pixel 7a brings some nice upgrades over the last year's model and is a great phone on its own. Not only is it more powerful than the Pixel 6a, but it also sports a 90Hz panel and a new set of cameras. Google has also added wireless charging to the mix, allowing you to conveniently charge the Pixel 7a without having to deal with wires. All these are great changes, but you still won't find any accessories in the box, meaning no charger or earphones.

download Android 13 featured image 1
How to download Android 13 for Google Pixel and other Android devices

Google has officially kicked off the Android 13 QPR3's stable version rollout. You can download the release right now and give it a try!


Google officially launched the stable version of Android 13 on August 15, 2022. For lucky owners of the Pixel 7a or any devices as old as the Pixel 4a, you’ll also be among the first to see what Android 13 QPR3 has to offer, as the company has already started rolling out the update on these phones. The Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet are also eligible to get regular monthly security updates on top of Android 13.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Google Pixel 7 Pro 6 1

We're already 7 days into August, but since today is the first Monday of the month, that means it's time for the latest batch of Android security patches. Google today published the August 2023 Android Security Bulletin, and with it, the corresponding August 2023 security update for eligible Pixel devices. Google's Pixel phones aren't the only phones getting a freshly baked build today, though, as Samsung has also pushed new security updates to the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S20 FE, and a couple of foldables.

Nothing-Pixel-7a-Comparison 1
Nothing Phone 2 vs Google Pixel 7a: Is the $150 difference worth it?

The Nothing Phone 2 brings faster performance and a better camera system, but is it worth $150 more than the Google Pixel 7a?


The Nothing Phone 2 is a cool smartphone for tech enthusiasts, especially since it now has the specifications needed to be a daily driver. We haven't seen this kind of transparent form factor in some time, and the iconic Glyph interface has a bit of added functionality, too. But a smartphone has to be a mixture of form and function to be a great daily driver, and there might not be a phone that does this better than the Google Pixel 7a.

The back of the Google Pixel 7 Pro 1
Google's Pixel 7 and earbuds hit an all-time low with Prime Day deals

Grab Google's latest smartphones and earbuds at never-before-seen prices on Prime Day.


Google's latest Pixel smartphones are among the best Android phones you can buy right now. Its flagship Pixel 7 series offers a great package overall at a significantly lower price than the competition, while the Pixel 7a is the best cheap Android phone currently on the market. The devices are hard to beat at full price, and they're now even more attractive with these Prime Day deals that bring them down to their lowest prices yet. On top of that, you can also pick up a pair of Google's highly-acclaimed wireless earbuds or the Pixel Watch at discounted prices to complete your Pixel collection.

Android-14-2 1
Google Pixel Fold and Tablet join the bleeding edge with Android 14 Beta 4

The stable release is just around the corner


Android 14 Beta 4 is rolling out today for eligible Pixel devices. For folks keeping track of the development cycle, this is the last expected major release before it hits the stable milestone and is ready for the masses. This latest version also picks up support for the brand new Pixel Fold as well as the Pixel Tablet, which means it's the last chance for the app developers to get those tuning-and-testing toes wet before Android 14 is released.

Android Security Update Monthly Patches -- Featured Image_4 1

In case you're thinking, "today's a Wednesday, but Pixel updates usually land on Mondays," you're right, Google is indeed a little bit behind its usual schedule. This month's release has been delayed slightly until today, as a result of 4th July's federal holiday to celebrate Independence Day in the US. Nonetheless, Google's freshly baked Pixel software updates for July are finally here.

Sea Google Pixel 7a on blue textured background with Best Cases for Google Pixel 7a text and XDA logo in the foreground. 1
Best Google Pixel 7a cases in 2023

Keep your brand-new Google Pixel 7a safe with these durable protective cases.


Like last year's model, Google's latest mid-ranger packs the same flagship SoC as the more premium Pixel 7 devices. But that's not the only upgrade the all-new Pixel 7a brings to the table. The device also addresses some of the gripes we had with last year's model by offering an upgraded high refresh rate display, more RAM, flagship-tier camera hardware, and wireless charging support. At $499, the Pixel 7a has the potential to be among the best cheap Android phones of 2023, and if you plan on purchasing one for yourself, I highly recommend investing in a protective case.

Best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors featured. 1
Best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors in 2023

The Pixel 7a features an upgraded high refresh rate display, and you should keep it safe from scratches with these screen protectors.


The all-new Google Pixel 7a is a huge step up from the Pixel 6a, making it a prime contender for the best cheap Android phones in 2023. It features Google's second-gen Tensor chipset for impressive performance, more RAM for better multitasking, upgraded cameras, and wireless charging support. In addition, the Pixel 7a packs a smoother, high refresh rate display that will offer better visuals than the 60Hz panel on last year's model. Google has also improved the device's durability with an IP67 rating, but the display doesn't seem to have received the latest Gorilla Glass protection. For this reason, I highly recommend slapping a screen protector on your Pixel 7a as soon as you pull it out of the box. To help you find the right one, I've rounded up some of the best Pixel 7a screen protectors on the market.

A Pixel 7a in the Sea colorway near an inlet. 1
Is the Google Pixel 7a waterproof?

The Google Pixel 7a is one of the best midrange smartphones, bringing flagship features at a low cost. Is water resistance one of them?


Water resistance in smartphones has come a long way since the category was created more than a decade ago. Initially, people feared bringing their smartphones near water, as it could destroy their devices. Now, we've gotten to the point where the best smartphones in 2023 have enough water resistance to be able to shoot underwater photos and videos. But, when it comes to midrange devices like the Google Pixel 7a, there are always compromises. It's impossible for a $500 phone to match ones with price tags that exceed a thousand dollars in each and every way. So, can the Pixel 7a keep up with the flagships in terms of water resistance?

Peak Design's Everyday Case on a Google Pixel 7 outdoors.  1
Peak Design Everyday Case for Pixel 7a review: A case meant for accessories

Peak Design's Everyday Case for the Google Pixel 7a is only great if you plan to use it with the company's other accessories.


While most case manufacturers usually try to provide appeal in the form of looks or protection with their products, Peak Design has gone with a different approach. It's been creating cases that look good and provide solid protection, with a slim, sleek form factor, but each case also features an inset square that is used to offer compatibility with other Peak Design accessories, like charging stands, mounts, and wallets. The company's Everyday Case for the Google Pixel 7a is no different.

pixel-7a-xda-review-xda-3401092 1

Google's latest mid-range phone, the Pixel 7a, was released earlier this year to almost universal acclaim, with most reviewers praising it for the sheer value it offers at a relatively affordable price. One of the biggest attractions of the device is its Tensor G2 processor, which is also found inside the much more expensive Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, potentially offering similar performance at a much lower price point. However, a new report now suggests that the chip in the mid-ranger may not be identical to the one found in the pricier devices.

pixel-7a-xda-review-xda-3401059 1
Best Google Pixel 7a deals in 2023

The new Pixel 7a is one of the most expensive phones in its segment, but these deals can make it easier on your wallet.


The Pixel 7a is one of the newest members of Google's Pixel lineup, and it brings a lot of improvements over the last year's model to offer a flagship-grade experience. It's powered by the company's second-generation Tensor chip, and it also brings an improved 90Hz display and wireless charging to the mid-range Pixel A series. It is, however, a bit expensive for a "budget" phone coming in at $499 in the U.S., so you might want to keep an eye on the best deals to make it easier on the wallet.

Best Android Phones under $500 featured image showing the Pixel 6a, OnePlus Nord 2T, and Galaxy A53 1
Best Android phones under $500 in 2023

Looking for an Android phone that doesn't break the bank? Here are some good options to consider.


The list of the best Android phones under $500 has matured a lot over the last couple of years, and it has a lot more compelling options now than ever. You don’t need to shell out for a flagship to get good performance or the best features because a lot of sub-$500 Android phones deliver an equally good experience now. So if you are in the market to buy a good budget Android phone without burning a huge hole in your pocket, then here are some solid options to consider right now.

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