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Despite the iPhone 15 series' launch, the iPhone 14 Plus is still an excellent iPhone that could last you for many years. After all, Apple typically supports its flagship phones for over five years. Software support on its own, however, isn't enough to ensure longevity. One must also take proper care of their device's hardware for it to remain functional. That's why we advise you to invest in one of the iPhone 14 Plus cases we've listed below.

  • New Project
    Caseology Parallax iPhone 14 Plus case
    Editor's choice
    $26 $30 Save $4

    If you're looking for a higher-end case that supports MagSafe wireless charging, this Parallax one will get the job done. It also offers three color options to choose from and has a premium feel.

  • New Project-4
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag (iPhone 14 Plus)
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    If you're looking for a MagSafe case that packs plenty of functionality in a rugged build, this is the one to pick. This isn't a thin rugged case, but it includes a belt clip.

  • New Project-10
    Ringke Fusion iPhone 14 Plus case
    Basic pick

    This transparent case is so thin and minimalistic, you will barely notice it's there. It supports the Qi wireless charging standard, too, thanks to its slim build and lack of bulk.

  • New Project-1
    Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 14 Plus case
    Slim rugged pick
    $22 $40 Save $18

    This matte black rugged case, unlike most other rugged cases, has a very slim build. It's ideal for those who dislike the significant bulk present on other models. Notably, it's MagSafe-enabled, allowing you to utilize compatible add-ons.

  • New Project-6
    ESR Classic Kickstand iPhone 14 Plus case
    Kickstand pick
    $20 $27 Save $7

    This case is for those who dislike complicating their lives unnecessarily. It offers a simple, clear build, supports MagSafe charging, and included a neat kickstand for hands-free viewing.

  • New Project-2-2
    i-Blason Cosmo iPhone 14 Plus case
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    This case offers five fancy patterns and includes a screen protector. It's ideal for those who drop their phones very often.

  • New Project-5
    Apple Silicone iPhone 14 Plus case
    Official silicone pick
    $24 $49 Save $25

    Available in eight vivid colors to choose from, this official silicone case freshens up your iPhone's appearance while protecting it.

  • New Project-5
    Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 14 Plus case
    Best value
    $17 $25 Save $8

    This case features four color options to choose from and supports the Air Cushion technology to offer protection while maintaining its slim build.

  • New Project-6
    OCASE Wallet iPhone 14 Plus Case
    Leather pick

    This leather wallet case comes with three card slots and space for some cash. You can get it in 25 different color options and with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

  • New Project-2
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    This case option from Supcase offers raised bezels to protect your screen and supports wireless charging. It's also clear, so you can show off your phone's beautiful design.

  • New Project-7
    Smartish Wallet Slayer iPhone 14 Plus case
    Wallet pick

    This wallet case has three card slots and space for cash, but it's thinner than the other wallet option on this list and has a smooth back (though, its frame is textured to avoid accidental slips and drops). You can also get it with custom designs.

  • New Project-3-2
    Apple Leather iPhone 14 Plus case
    Official leather pick
    $25 $59 Save $34

    If you're a fan of more formal-looking cases, Apple is also selling an official leather one that has a more professional feel and look to it.

Our favorite iPhone 14 Plus cases

As you can see, there are a lot of great cases available for the iPhone 14 Plus. Many of us at XDA have personally used the Spigen Thin Fit, and we appreciate it for its lightweight characteristics. It's the perfect case for people who find the iPhone 14 Plus's size slightly overwhelming and don't want to add more to it. Meanwhile, the Rugged Armor variant offers more protection without adding unnecessary bulk.

Though, if you tend to drop your phone frequently, you may want to look into the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. Not only does it offer a rugged build, but it also has a kickstand and a belt clip, making it one of the best multipurpose cases available. If you're more of a minimalist, then you will likely appreciate ERS Slim Case and Supcase Unicorn Beetle.

However, the Caseology case is our best overall pick. That's because it balances style and protection and is compatible with MagSafe accessories. So you get a stylish product that is both protective and doesn't hinder your iPhone's existing functionalities. Ultimately, all the listed cases are solid; the personal best one depends on what you're looking for.