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Thanks to MagSafe, today's best iPhones have an array of magnets around the wireless charging coil. This awesome feature makes it possible for a range of exciting accessories to fasten magnetically directly to your device. MagSafe wireless chargers or battery packs can replenish your phone through Qi charging, and when out and about, MagSafe wallets are a great place to keep your credit cards. This feature is also great for accessories such as tripods and selfie sticks. Your smartphone just snaps into place. All iPhones since the iPhone 12 are MagSafe compatible except the third-generation iPhone SE (although there are ways to make your older phones MagSafe compatible). Let’s take a look at the best MagSafe accessories for your Apple smartphone.

  • item-1-apple-magsafe-case-lifestyle-1-removebg-preview 7.08.10 pm
    Apple MagSafe iPhone Cases
    Best overall

    If you want to use MagSafe peripherals and safeguard your iPhone, a compatible case is a must. These cases from Apple feature magnets that align with those on your phone, so MagSafe accessories cling as tightly as they do without protection. They also come in multiple colors and styles.

  • Apple MagSafe charger
    Apple MagSafe Charger
    Best Value

    The Apple MagSafe Charger is a direct alternative to the lightning cable you get in the box with your iPhone. Compatible with the iPhone series 12 and later, it snaps to the back of your phone and charges it wirelessly. It supports fast charging too, but the USB plug is sold separately.

  • item-3-apple-magsafe-duo-charger-main-removebg-preview
    Apple MagSafe Duo Charger
    Great for travel
    $111 $129 Save $18

    It’s not cheap, but this dual charger from Apple is great for travel. It can charge two items at once, and it's MagSafe-compatible, so your iPhone is held securely as it charges. It also supports fast charging, so power it with a USB (20W or above is recommended).

  • item-4-belkin-boost-charge-main-2-removebg-preview-1
    Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand with MagSafe
    3-in-1 charger
    $128 $150 Save $22

    If you own a recent iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods with a wireless charging case, this charging stand is for you. It can charge all three items at once and supports fast charging where applicable. It’s available in black or white, and it looks great on your desk or nightstand.

  • item-5-mili-magnetic-small-bluetooth-speaker-main-removebg-preview-1
    MiLi Magnetic Small Bluetooth Speaker
    Music on the go

    It’s a Bluetooth speaker and also a useful phone stand. Snap this one to the back of your iPhone and stream your tunes through it. The speaker produces reasonable sound for the price and is available in a range of colors. Plus, if you have two you can stereo-pair them.

  • item-8-iwalk-powergrip-main-removebg-preview
    iWALK PowerGrip Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, 6000mAh
    Basic power bank

    PowerGrip fixes to the back of your iPhone using MagSafe and charges it wirelessly. It also offers a finger ring, so you can keep a better grip on your phone when making a call, and a digital readout showing how much power there is left in the battery pack.

  • ESR-Geo-Wallet-Stand
    ESR Geo Wallet Stand
    Find My wallet stand

    The ESR Geo Wallet Stand is more than just a wallet with MagSafe compatibility. It also acts as a kickstand, a loop grip when holding your phone, and it's an Apple-certified Find My device so you'll never lose it.

  • item-9-belkin-iphone-mount-main-2-removebg-preview-1
    Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe
    For continuity camera
    $24 $30 Save $6

    Your iPhone’s camera is superior to the one in your Mac notebook, so why not use it as a webcam for broadcasts and video chats? This pocket-sized device lets you mount a MagSafe-compatible iPhone atop your Mac notebook’s screen. It also offers a kickstand and a finger ring for when it's free.

  • Item 2-Joby GorillaPod, Main
    JOBY GripTight GorillaPod for MagSafe
    For photographers

    This versatile tripod is perfect for your MagSafe-compatible iPhone. When you want to take a picture with your smartphone, it just snaps into place, and is removed just as easily, too. It’s great for making videos, and when not in use, it fits comfortably in your bag for easy portability.

  • item-10-stm-magpod-main-2-1
    STM Goods MagPod
    Tiny tripod
    $35 $50 Save $15

    This convenient, portable, and lightweight MagSafe tripod folds up to make a useful handle for selfies and video recording. It can be used for enjoying your media and holding your iPhone for Community Camera in either landscape or portrait mode. It's robust, handy, and fun.

  • Belkin_Fitness_Mount-removebg-preview
    Belkin Magnetic Fitness Mount
    Best for fitness

    When you’re training, the Magnetic Fitness Mount is just what you need. It’s sturdy, secure, and great for those training with Apple Fitness+. The connectable strap is useful too, for when you’re riding an exercise bike or using a similar piece of gym equipment. Go for the burn!

  • LISEN MagSafe Magnetic Phone Holder Car Mount
    LISEN MagSafe Magnetic Phone Holder Car Mount
    For the car
    $20 $25 Save $5

    MagSafe Magnetic Phone Holder Car Mount is the perfect accessory for drivers. It holds your iPhone on the dashboard, where you can easily see it when following the Maps app or listening to music. It connects to your car’s vent, and won’t shake loose when the road gets rough.

Best MagSafe accessories for your iPhone in 2023: The bottom line

It’s difficult to choose the best MagSafe accessory for your iPhone. How do you compare a tripod with a portable battery or a storage wallet with a charger? Yet there’s one accessory we’d certainly recommend you buy first. We all like to protect our iPhones with an impact-resistant case. If you get an Apple MagSafe Case, it holds your magnetic accessories in place on your iPhone. If you’re interested in using MagSafe gear, a compatible case should be your first port of call.

We also recommend a MagSafe charger. If you get one that charges multiple Apple devices at once, like Belkin’s Boost Charge Pro, you can power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods from one outlet. There’s no need to hunt around for plugs, cables, and free sockets every time one of your devices needs a charge.

What you purchase next is up to you. You could get a GorillaPod for taking better pictures, a charger to keep your phone powered up whether at home or away, or maybe a PowerGrip to extend its battery life when you’re away from an outlet for a while. There’s a wealth of compatible peripherals out there, even some other great regular accessories for your iPhone, and the ones we list in this article are some of the best. So it's best to start here.