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Carli Velocci is a freelance copy editor and writer for XDA. You can see their writing on video games, technology, and pop culture at Digital Trends, PCMag, and more. Their name might remind you of a dinosaur.

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Keychron Q1 Pro keyboard on a wooden floor 1
Keychron Q1 Pro keyboard review: The best for a reason

A $200 package with just about everything you need


When you go online and search for the best mechanical keyboards, you’ll most likely come across Keychron. At least, that’s what happened to me when I wanted to get started with a custom mechanical keyboard. And the device that showed up the most was the Keychron Q1 Pro, a 75% custom kit with a durable aluminum chassis, hot-swappable switches, RBG, wired and Bluetooth capabilities, versatility with different platforms, and more. Basically, it had a little of everything for the person who wanted an excellent prebuilt keyboard that they could customize down the road. It was just a bit out of my price range at around $200.

Xbox Series S 1
How to use Google Assistant to control your Xbox

Kinect is no more but with a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker you can control your Xbox still with your voice. Here's how.

By  and

Did you know that Xbox has built-in support for voice control with Amazon Alexa? But what if you use Google Assistant and a compatible speaker instead? The news is just as positive, with Google Assistant enjoying the same treatment as Alexa. And just as with Amazon's speaker, there is no direct hardware connection. Instead, you use the power of the cloud and Google Assistant.

The Cherry MX2A red, brown, and silver switches on a mat 1
Cherry MX2A keyboard switch review: Is this the next phase for switches?

An actually (semi) quiet Cherry switch for once!


While Cherry is arguably the most well-known name in mechanical keyboard switches, it often falls by the wayside compared to some of its clones. I’m personally a fan of Gateron switches, which are cheaper, quieter, and less scratchy than Cherry’s, for example. However, Cherry switches are still often built into mass-market mechanical keyboards, so even if they’re not your first choice when building a custom kit, they’re still one of the most widespread options and set the standard for the rest of the industry.

Close-up view of the right-side controls on the Asus ROG Ally 1
The Asus ROG Ally shows the handheld console market is still a niche one

While there is decent interest, handhelds are still mostly for enthusiasts, at least right now.


With the release of the Asus ROG Ally, the handheld console wars are officially on. Well, sort of.

Top down view of the Razer Edge 5G 1
Razer Edge 5G review: A great device that you should not buy

Razer made a meticulously designed mobile gaming device, but why not just use a smartphone instead?


Mobile gaming is bigger than ever thanks to how powerful phones have become and the mainstream acceptance of cloud streaming, and many companies are trying to get in on the action. Some of the biggest smartphone makers are working to make their devices good for gaming, which is enough for most people, but other manufacturers are trying a different path with accessories and specialty devices. Handhelds are an especially fast-growing sector, with the Nintendo Switch kicking it off the modern age in 2017 and companies like Valve following suit with the Steam Deck.