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Amazon's first Prime Day of 2023 was a success for many who managed to bag some savings on products they needed. We saw countless discounts applied to a wide variety of electronics, including PC hardware and accessories. Whether you're using an older laptop to build a work-from-home office or just invested in a new portable PC and need some additional ports, a docking station is an excellent accessory.

Will there be a second Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon is set to host a second Prime Day for 2023 called Amazon Prime Big Deals Day. In 2022, Amazon hosted a second Prime Day in October, so we're expecting this Amazon Prime Big Deals Day to occur sometime in the middle of next month. The retail giant has yet to confirm dates, so this could change. You can bet there will be a laptop docking station or two on sale once the promotion hits the online stores.

Will you need Amazon Prime?

In order to enjoy all the discounts through Amazon's Prime Days, you will require an active Amazon Prime membership. This can be in the form of a paid subscription or the 30-day free trial, offered by Amazon to new customers. We'd recommend using the latter if you've yet to take out an Amazon Prime subscription to see if the service is for you, and it'll allow you to enjoy all the Amazon Prime Big Deals Day has to offer.

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Amazon Prime

Pick up a USB dock for less with Amazon Prime. A subscription is required to take advantage of these deals.


Q: What makes a good deal?

It's important to keep an eye out for enticing deals but not every discount is one worth taking advantage of. Vendors have been known in the past (on Amazon, as well as other retailers) to artificially inflate product prices ahead of deals only to return them to normal listing levels and label them as a "discount" when it's anything but. That's why we always recommend using browser extensions and websites like CamelCamelCamel to make sure you're getting a good deal.

Q: USB-C vs. Thunderbolt

You may spot two stark differences with some USB hubs and docking stations and that's what type of primary connection is used to connect the device in question to your laptop. USB-C is more popular and widely supports by most hardware, whereas Thunderbolt is available for those who have dedicated ports on their devices. The main difference between the two is the speed with Thunderbolt offering considerably higher (essentially double) bandwidth for data at 40Gbps.