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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft is unveiling new features for OneDrive on October 3rd, with a potential focus on AI integration to help users organize their files.
  • The company has been emphasizing AI in its recent announcements, and integrating AI into OneDrive would be a logical next step.
  • There may be more AI-related announcements at the upcoming Surface event.

Microsoft already has some big news lined up for a Surface event later this month, but it looks like the company may have a few more surprises in the works beyond hardware. A leaked video shared by X (Twitter) user WalkingCat shows that the company is unveiling new features for OneDrive on October 3rd.

The 15-second video doesn't explicitly say much more than that, but there is a short bit where a search bar shows the text "Help me get organized", which could be a hint at some sort of AI integration leveraging large language models to help users organize their files. Microsoft already has Microsoft 365 Copilot to help users with all kinds of work-related tasks within the Microsoft 365 suite of apps, and seeing as the company has been all about AI for the past few months, it seems like some sort of integration into OneDrive would be an obvious next step.

It's certainly interesting that Microsoft would be putting the focus on OneDrive alone for one of its events, but it's possible this would be part of a larger set of announcements related to Microsoft 365 or the company's AI efforts. It's unclear what kind of AI features OneDrive could deliver for users, but things like automatically creating folders based on the types of content or the file's creation date would be obvious candidates.

This year alone, we've seen things like Bing Chat, Microsoft Designer, Bing Image Creator, and Window Copilot make their debut, and it wouldn't be surprising to see even more announcements on that front. In fact, AI is also expected to take center stage at the aforementioned Surface event. Recently, we've also heard reports of potential AI features in Windows 11 apps, such as optical character recognition (OCR) in the Camera and Snipping Tool apps, or object removal in the Photos app. We shouldn't have long to wait to see what else the company has in store for the rest of the year.