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Microsoft has taken yet another step in replacing the OneNote UWP app (officially referred to as OneNote for Windows 10) with a new unified version based on the classic desktop app. The company has now announced that you're no longer able to find the OneNote UWP on the Microsoft Store, and instead, you'll see the new app available for download instead.

It's not the end of support for the OneNote UWP app just yet, though. The listing for the app still exists, but you need a direct link to it if you want to download it. The app itself is also supported until October 2025, but it won't be getting any new features, since the focus will be on the new unified app. You'll also be prompted to switch to the new app so you can get the best experience.

Microsoft announced plans to make a unified OneNote app over a year ago, and said it would be building off of the classic OneNote desktop app that comes with Microsoft 365. This version had actually been discontinued back in 2016, so this was a major reversal in strategy. Over the past year, the design of the classic app has been modernized and new features have been added, so the experience should feel much closer to the UWP app now. The new features include dictation, ink-to-shape conversion, and more.

Screenshot of Surface app letting users know they can launch OneNote using the button on the back of the Surface Pen

With the Windows 11 2022 Update, Microsoft also integrated OneNote more closely with active pens. Now, you can press the button at the top of the Surface Pen (and other pens that have a button) to start writing up a quick note without launching the full OneNote app.

The new OneNote app is available to download in a few different ways. You can download it standalone on Microsoft's website, and it's also included with Microsoft 365, but now, you can also get it on the Microsoft Store here. If you still prefer the OneNote UWP app, you can download it here.

Source: Microsoft