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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft is working on a new Bing Chat-powered writing assistance tool for its Edge web browser to make it easier to rewrite text.
  • The tool will also offer you multiple tones, which you can use to generate an improved version of your current draft.
  • Microsoft is currently testing the feature with select Edge Canary users.

Microsoft is working on a new Bing Chat-powered AI feature for its Edge web browser to tweak your writing to help you express yourself better. While it sounds the same as what Bing Chat can do in the Edge sidebar, the upcoming writing assistance tool will make it even easier to rewrite text.

As first spotted by @Leopeva64 (via MSPoweruser), Microsoft is testing a new "AI-writing" toggle on the Edge Settings page that will enable you to rewrite a piece of text with the help of ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat. The ability to rewrite text in multiple tones is already available in Bing Chat through the Edge sidebar. Not only that, but you can also generate ideas, and change the length of your text using Bing Chat in the sidebar. When enabled, the currently-being-worked-on toggle on the Settings page can do all that, too.

The purpose of introducing the toggle switch to Edge even though it's already in the browser's sidebar appears to be attracting more people to use it. And how the toggle will make the rewriting feature more accessible for Edge users, you ask? Well, with the toggle enabled, you can simply select a portion of, say, a reply to social media posts and click the Rewrite pop-up to get the job done. It's more direct than opening the sidebar, then pasting your text into the prompt area and asking for a rewrite.

The toggle for AI writing in Edge does much more than produce rewrites. Besides allowing you to set different tones, it also enables you to go back to the original text or replace the original text with the one suggested by Bing Chat. Microsoft recently introduced similar capabilities in Bing Chat for Skype.

Microsoft is currently testing the toggle with select Edge Canary users, so you may not see it even after installing the latest Canary version. But when it's more broadly available, navigate to Settings > Languages, and then find and enable the Use compose (AI-writing) on the web toggle in the Writing assistance section to use the feature.