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Key Takeaways

  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23545 brings a tweak to Nearby Share, allowing users to easily give their device a friendly name for sharing.
  • The update also allows Microsoft Teams contacts to be seen in Windows Share, enabling files to be sent directly from the Share pane when using AAD accounts.
  • Other changes include improvements to the search box in the taskbar and bug fixes for File Explorer, addressing issues such as crashes and incorrect icons.

Microsoft today rolled out a new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23545 to the Dev Channel. This build is yet again a small one, but it comes with a few changes and one improvement in it is notable. The best example is a tweak to Nearby Share, which makes it easier to quickly give your device a friendly name for sharing. Other than that, it's the usual bug fixes.

In this new build, you should see this new option in Nearby Share when you go to Settings choose System and then Nearby Sharing. From there, you'll be able to rename your device, helping set it apart from others on your network. Along with this change, Microsoft is also rolling out an option to see Microsoft Teams (work or school) contacts in Windows Share and send them files directly from the Share pane when using an Azure Active Directory account. Finally, Microsoft is tweaking the experience of the search box in the taskbar. In some cases, clicking on the gleam will take you to a page for the search highlight. A tooltip will always be shown for the search highlight gleam when hovering over the search box. Other changes in this release are below.

There are just three known issues in today's new build. You might notice that some apps under All Apps in the Start Menu might show up as a system component, particularly apps that are PWAs. Also, Microsoft is working to enable Windows Copilot for users who saw it missing in some regions. Microsoft also released a Canary Channel build today, too, but as usual, change logs are light. There's just new SMB NTML Blocking, SMD Dialect management, and improvements for the network flyout on the Lock Screen, so it matches the one you see in the Taskbar.