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The summer is over, and the first Amazon Prime Day of 2023 is a distant memory. That won't be the last big shopping extravaganza from the retailer, with a second event planned ahead of Black Friday shopping. Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days is set to arrive this year on Oct. 10-11 and promises great deals on electronics like laptops, GPUs or CPUs, wireless earbuds, monitors, or SSD storage.

Will there be a second Prime Day in 2023?

Yes, Amazon has already announced that a second shopping fest is coming, called Prime Big Day Deals. It's happening in mid-October, probably to keep enough distance between it and Black Friday weekend.

And yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be coming in November, where nearly everything on the site is seemingly on deep discount. Between the two, you should be able to finish your holiday preparations in no time and at a huge cost savings, too.

Prime Big Deal Days vs. Prime Day: What’s the difference?

Last year, Amazon held a repeat performance Prime Day in October called Prime Early Access Deals, which was essentially a rebranded Prime Day. This second 2023 sales event is happening in the same time period this year, with the same sort of huge discounts. This is the third October Prime Day in a row.

We can't say if the same products will be on sale, but the value the deals provide should be similar. It could even be that some things are cheaper, as devices that were released early this year go on sale.

Do you need to be a Prime member to save on Prime Big Deals Day?

The naming of Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days suggests they're for Prime members, and you'd be correct. Most of the deals on these days will only be available to Prime members, but there will be the odd deal that anyone can take advantage of. Prime members can also sign up for invite-only deals ahead of Prime Big Deals Day as well, with some that are already available. You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial of Prime in conjunction with the event.

With how popular Prime Day events are, it has pushed other retailers to run their own parallel sales events. Big names like Best Buy and Walmart always have deals around the same time and often don't require a membership. Some of the big PC manufacturers also run their own sales, so it's worth checking multiple places to find the best deals.

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Amazon Prime

You'll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day. The good thing to know is that you can subscribe for a free month's trial at any time, so you get all the deals without paying any extra.


Q: Which PC accessories are a must have?

That depends on your use case, although some items are fairly universal. Good audio is a must for any PC setup, whether that’s for watching content, playing games, or getting work done in video meetings. With how much time you spend on your computer, a good keyboard and mouse are also necessary, and a game controller if you prefer. While you can spend hundreds on these items, it’s better to start somewhere more affordable, at least until you know what you like.

Q: What makes a good deal?

While there is no hard and fast percentage that makes any product instantly compelling, substantial discounts are worth considering. That said, retailers have a habit of inflating prices ahead of major shopping events, so the discount appears higher than it really is. To combat this, use a price tracking tool like CamelCamelCamel to ensure the deal is legit.

Q: How much should you spend on PC accessories?

When it comes to hard and fast rules on how much to spend on accessories for your PC, there aren't any dollar amounts. That's because it really depends on what you need, and how you use your PC. Increasing internal storage or adding additional storage in the form of external hard drives or SSDs can often be the biggest expense, as larger storage capacities quickly become expensive. Other accessories like mechanical keyboard could be $50, or they could run to several hundreds of dollars depending on the brand and features you want. Instead of a dollar amount, look for deals of at least 10% off, and the larger the discount the better.