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As tends to happen on Wednesdays, Microsoft is rolling out a new build of Windows 11 to Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel, and this time that's build 25179. This build doesn't include a whole lot of brand-new features, but it does come with some improvements, and a big feature is finally available for everyone: File Explorer tabs.

That's right, even though Microsoft began testing tabs in the Windows 11 File Explorer months ago, even bringing them to some users in the Beta channel, it's only now available to everyone enrolled in the Dev channel. The company has been gathering feedback and fixing some issues over the past few weeks, and it should now be in better condition to be used by more users. Since they're also in the Beta channel, it's safe to assume this will be part of Windows 11 version 22H2 at some point, if not at launch.

Windows 11 File Explorer with Tabs and new navigation pane

Beyond that, there's also a change to the spelling dictionary in Windows 11, which now uses a language-neutral list of words. Presumably, this means you won't have your spelling "corrected" if you try to use a foreign word while your dictionary is set to a different language, but Microsoft doesn't specifically say this is the case.

A couple of other changes include support for the Tamil Anjal keyboard for speakers of Tamil, and improvements to the touch keyboard, which increase the key repeat rate when you hold down a key, such as Delete. This should make the experience feel more responsive.

As per usual, Windows 11 build 25179 also comes with a long list of fixes for various issues, as well as another one for known issues. Remember, this is pre-release software in early stages of development, so issues are bound to arise. One of the issues this time includes being unable to upgrade if you don't have 24GB of free space or more on your drive, but you can check out the full lists below:

If you're enrolled in the Dev channel, Windows 11 build 25179 should download automatically in the next few days. If you're considering joining the Insider program, the Beta and Release Preview channels are currently testing Windows 11 version 22H2, which already includes a lot of improvements and is a much safer option.

Source: Microsoft