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Mozilla Firefox is among the best web browsers that you can use right now and while it isn't as feature-rich as the market leader, Google Chrome, Mozilla still updates it with new capabilities regularly. Now, the company has rolled out version 114 of the browser with several interesting changes.

Starting off with new features in Firefox 114, you can now search bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks menu. This should make it much easier for people to navigate to their required bookmarks, especially if they have lots of them. Additionally, you can now restrict searches such that they only appear in your local browsing history and not across other devices where you share the same credentials. There's also a new UI for the DNS over HTTPS exception list, along with the ability to order the extensions listed in the dedicated panel according to your preference. The DNS over HTTPS section itself will now be categorized under Settings > Privacy & Security.

Moreover, Mac users can finally record video from their cameras in all supported resolutions, they were previously restricted to 1280x720. Similarly, macOS, Linux, and Windows 7 can now leverage FIDO2 authenticators over USB, but certain advanced features may require some configuration changes on the authenticator. Lastly, content from Pocket is being rolled out to users in France, Italy, and Spain.

There are several enhancements for developers working with Firefox too. "Copy as cURL" in the Network panel supports the --compressed argument, the Accessibility Inspector recognizes ARIA roles, and the supports() syntax for @import rules in CSS Cascading Level 4 is supported too.

Finally, there are five security fixes that you can read more about here and there are several improvements specifically in tow for Firefox for Enterprise 114 too. If you already have Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC, it should update automatically, but if you're an incoming customer, download the browser from Mozilla's website here.