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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Edge Canary now allows users to export their browsing history as a CSV file, making it easier to switch between different versions of Edge or other browsers.
  • The feature is currently in A/B testing and can be accessed through the three-dot menu in the history menu or via edge://history. Alternatively, it can be enabled manually by changing properties when right-clicking on the browser's icon.
  • This feature gives users more control over their browsing data and reduces reliance on Microsoft Accounts for syncing.

Microsoft is working on a nifty feature for Edge that even Google Chrome doesn't yet sport. The Canary version of the browser on Windows 11 and other platforms now has the option to export your browsing history as a CSV file, which should make switching between the major versions of Microsoft Edge (or eventually another browser) even easier.

As spotted by Neowin, and Leopeva64, this feature is currently in A/B testing in Microsoft Edge Canary version 117.0.2026.0 (we're not seeing it on our end just yet). If you end up seeing the feature enabled on your installation, it's something that's not buried under any flags either. Upon installing this version, you'll right away see Export browsing data under the three-dot menu in the history menu in the browser's menubar. You also can get to it through edge://history as well. From there, you can select where you'd like to save your browsing history. There's also an alternative way to manually enable the feature, though it involves changing the properties when right-clicking on the browser's icon.

If you want to bring in that CSV file and your history, well, that's another story. There's currently no interface for doing that. But Neowin reports you can drag the file on top of an open Microsoft Edge window, and the browser will import it.

This feature is a fairly big deal, as browsers typically offer the option to bring in browsing history from other web browsers, but not export your data. Usually, browsing data is synced through the browser itself, through a Microsoft Account on Edge, a Google Account on Chrome, an Apple Account on Safari, or even a Firefox account on Firefox. To see Microsoft put users in control of their browsing data with methods other than an online sync is huge, as it means you'd have to depend less on Microsoft for this task. If you'd like to set up Edge on a new PC, you'd be able to simply export that CSV file, and then import it on your new PC to pick up where you left off in your browsing.

You might want to hold your breath, though. Microsoft Edge Canary is a playground for new features. It doesn't mean that we'll see it ship to the stable version of Edge. Still, it's good to keep your hopes up, ad this is a huge feature that many will be sure to appreciate.