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Just like an iPad Pro case protects your premium tablet, 2-factor authentication (2FA) shields your online accounts. Apart from the typical username and password, 2FA requires a one-time code that you can receive through SMS, email, or other means. Once inserted into the field, a 2FA code becomes useless, and it's safe to discard its message. Through iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, your iPhone 14 or other compatible iDevices can automatically delete texts and emails containing 2FA codes after you insert them. This feature clears your inboxes and spares you the need to delete these messages manually. Though, first, you will have to enable it, and we've detailed how through the steps below.

Automatically deleting 2FA messages on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iDevice running OS version 17 or later.
  2. Scroll down and go to the Passwords section.
  3. Tap on Password Options.
  4. Enable the Clean Up Automatically toggle.

Now, whenever you insert a received 2FA code through the Apple Keyboard suggestion, the relevant message will be automatically trashed. This feature is certainly a welcome one, as some websites still don't support 2FA apps. As a result, many of us are still forced to rely on SMS or email to receive these codes.

If you're new to the Apple ecosystem, we advise you to also buy a charger for your iPhone 14. That's because this high-end device doesn't include a charger in the box. You only get a cable, some paperwork, and a SIM-ejection tool, based on where you're based. So if you don't have a spare charger around, you will need to invest in one separately. You could also buy multiple chargers and leave them in different rooms and locations. This way, you don't have to unplug and plug them again every time you're charging your iPhone in a different place.